If only I could turn back time…

Going back in time using a time machine is an enduring fantasy. Popular science fiction is full of these references. However, it is unlikely that humans will ever invent time machines or will ever be able to go back in time.

Allow me to elaborate:

Mankind will never be able to travel back in time. If it is able to travel back in time,

(a) It will be heavily monitored or extremely difficult to do so or

(b) It will be done extremely discreetly and without interacting with the inhabitants of the past.

How do I know that? Simple. So far, there has been no known contact with the future. We have not heard of reports of people from the future meeting with us (at least not from reliable sources). We have found no archeological evidence of say, water bottles, guns etc. along with ancient pottery. If it were the case that somebody in the future had (‘willion on have?’) invented time machines and time travel were frequent, there would have been clues of the same. And since, we have no clues, my theory holds through. QED.

Bottomline: the most advanced time machines we shall ever invent, will fall under the heading of ‘clocks’

Thank you for the applause.

Comments welcome.(Whenever I write that, the visits to my blog takes a serious hit…wonder why)


3 Responses

  1. Whoa!!
    well so tru
    I cant write about the uncountable nights of hostel time between my pals on how to make the TIME MACHINE..
    we were just about finished…(…:P but thetime ran out!!!)
    ur post reminds me about this ol movie that I saw today!!
    The btterfly Effect ( part one only today though)_
    look it up
    and if havent watched it..
    pal…u might just really enjoy!!

  2. wherz the feedlink buddy!!

  3. Hi Abhishek
    Will try to watch it…
    The feedlink should be

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