How to insult your customer-and hope she will still buy your product

Hindustan Times, yes, the same which gives an exhortation of ‘Let there be Light’ in the general direction of no one in particular, has hit (literally, as you shall find out) on the perfect idea to get customers : insult their intelligence, whip them and then, show them the light..presumably, so they can count the whiplashes. Oh, and yes, congratulate themselves while they are whipping their customers.
They have come up with a radio ad which has a guy who is enforcing…hold your breath…New Year Resolutions. And, he punishes those who have broken them by whipping them (only the sound of whipping is heard, the cry of the whippee is not..nor are the cries of the people who hear the ad…the ‘silent majority’)

So, this enforcer asks one guy about his NYR (New Year Resolution). The poor guy cries and tells the NYRE ( NYR Enforcer, who by the way, has a mighty strange accent) that he had promised to give up smoking. This is followed by the sound of a whip. Then, the NYRE asks a girl about her NYR…she says, I had resolved to go jogging in the Next year…NYRE says, this is Next Year (This is perhaps the only humour that you will come across in this ad. Laugh your guts out. Now.)and whips her as well…then, he turns his sadistic attention to the ‘Hindustan Times people’ who had resolved to give better content in the Next Year…and they did. So, no whipping sound follows. Then, NYRE turns to another poor slob. He had resolved to read a better newspaper. And he is still reading the old one. Guess what happens next? Yup. Whippie-di-doo. Followed by the Let there be light slogan.

I don’t know about you, but after hearing this, one of the main reasons why I prefer my current newspaper is because I have less chances of being cornered by them or their goons and being whipped for not following my New Year Resolutions. This ad, I am sure, has made Intelligence and Good Sense to come out, hands in the air, waving white flags, ready to be whipped. My hats off to the creative director(s).