Crazy KRA- my first rhyme-crime

It’s that time of the year, when a three letter acronym starts haunting you like a Christmas ghost…when the realization suddenly dawns: you are nowhere near the KRAs you thought you would achieve at the beginning of the year…worse, your boss is in the same situation, and you know that when that happens, it is generally not good news…so, here’s a song dedicated to the last minute, failing attempt to hit those KRAs and those increment estimates…


(to be sung on the lines of Crazy Kiya Re, from Dhoom 2)



<Arbit background singers’ lines  begin>>

That’s my sweat on the floor

Boss keeps coming back with more

< end of arbit bckgrnd singers’ line>>



Try to keep outta my way

I am stung by a sting ray

Jaaga Jaaga rahoon

Chaahke so na sakoon

KRA ki yaadon ne, raise ke khwaabon ne

Dara diya re…

Crazy KRA…Crazy KRA…

Maine yeh bhi kiya,

woh deliverable diya

mujhse jitna ho saka, document bhi kiya.

Phir bhi boss not happy

Mila raise toh main lucky

Stretch kar ke meri abhi

Phati padi re…


Crazy KRA…crazy KRA..


SMART goal toh sunaa

Work-life bhi sunaa

Yeh jargon sunke

Kya sapna bunaa

Abhi sirf is life mein

Work ki is fight mein

Circumstances ke light mein

Incentive gaya re….


Crazy KRA…



No entries for more than one month, work is keeping me busy. I will be back.

If Sourav Ganguly can make a comeback, so can I, eh?