One Ring to find them all and in Stupidity, bind them

‘Zodiac Power Rings, made of Pacnhadatu (sic) are creating waves the world over with their unique ability to change the course of people’s destiny by making them extra confident, focused, self-willed & more in Touch with themselves.’ (Other sic’s might have been missed)

This is an ad on the front page of the Mumbai Mirror, dated Monday, October 23 2006.

As you can see, the attractive ad is flanked by attractive models, who claim things like “My Zodiac Power Ring makes me a winner everytime(sic again)”

Sustained follow up to access the web site given in the ad, did not lead to too much success.

If those TV channels peddling special rudrakshas, crystal ‘yantras’, candles and what not were not enough, now we have newspapers carrying these ads as well.

(Am sure that newspapers allowed people who peddled these things to advertise before, simply because print is a much older medium, and gullibility and intense desire to make a quick buck are even older)

Needless to say, not a single reason is given why these rings make you winners or help you find long lost confidence. Claim upon grandiose claim is made in bombastic, arbit, general purpose pfaff. (Trust me, as an HR guy, I can recognize globe language pretty easily.)

Two other very interesting points:

1. The ad says: If not satisfied within 15 days. (sic) 80% refund on bill amount Rs.1500/- only. I am not very sure what that means, but if we assume that these guys would pay back Rs.1200 for purchases worth Rs.1500 after 15 days of non-satisfaction (they are not making a no questions asked return, mind you!), they still pocket Rs.300. That’s an interest of 480% p.a. What a business!!

2. They also warn people to check the ‘zpr’ logo for ‘original’. So, it seems that there are actually some me-too entrepreneurs who have realized the extent of the Blind Faith and Stupidity Market and are smart enough to piggy back on the success of these guys by simply plagiarizing their products.

Don’t know if this thing works for the buyers, but if I were the seller, “My Zodiac Power Ring makes me a Winner everytime”


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  1. […] Update: Where can you find the Rudrakshas as well as the wonderful zodiac rings and pendants? Right here, at I swear, I am not making this stuff up. Added bonus: you will also find Bejan Daruwalla (still not known which daru-that’s liquour- he has been imbibing all these years) here, who seems to either have a hotline with Lord Ganesh or megalomania and therefore, runs a column called ‘Ganesha says’ […]

  2. hi,

    I would like to share the experience of one of my friend who ordered for a birth stone from Mr.Kudamaloor Sharma – a renowned astrologer, gemologist and the ultimate problem solver for lakhs of people through Ratnalokam program casted on Surya TV every sunday.
    He got connected to this astrologer through the telephone number which keeps flashing on the channel during show. He was asked to write to Mr. Sharma, his problem and the horoscope, then he was told to send Rs.40,000 for the ring. When he revealed that, he can’t afford that much cost, price was reduced to 15,000. The ring came after so many days through a courier service the name of which was not heard only.Follow up communication itself costed him around 500 Rs.
    Poor fellow started wearing it with great hopes, without finding any benefits, he consulted the astrologist again and sought his advice,but the response was “if it doesn’t suit you try not wearing it”.
    Our star went to many jewellery shops who engage in the selling of gem stones and enquired about the value of this particular gem, all of them said,the stone and the gold surrounding it would not cost more than 1500 and 3000 Rs, respectively.

    Now a days TV Channels and News Paper advts influences the common man in such a way that, they don’t even check the authenticity or genuinity of these kind of stuffs(in your language) if it is featured by some celebrities. The funniest part is that, based on the size of your wallet, the charge varies. Modernization raised the degree of stress and frustration of people beyond the limits which make them seek some shortcuts to come out of it and be the winner in the shortest span.

    Information technology is helping the mankind in many different ways, search engines are the encyclopedia for research scholars and school going students at the same time, but we get shocked while performing some searches, kids cartoon search leading only to many porn links, info on viral fever search taking us to some other nonsense contents- all these alarm us against using the search engines. Whom to address all these issues? Is this earth a safe place for our kids to grow up?

  3. Hi Gemini
    Thanks for sharing this experience. Did your friend do anything about it? What I mean is, did he go ahead and complain to the channel or to customer courts/seek legal advice? As educated people, we need to talk this out and follow up so that these scam artists don’t take advantage of our very human insecurities.
    Regarding Earth being safe or unsafe, I don’t think we have any choice there 🙂
    Search engines etc. are just tools and they generally have safe modes etc. so that should generally not be a problem. However, agree that internet security is an issue.

  4. hi Nandan,
    No, he has not done anything of that sort, but he was trying to write to Surya TV about this, but the mail to this show would reach only Mr.Sharma, so he gave up.
    Generally, the people who go behind these predictions and solutions will not do it publicly, nor they will share their negative experience with anybody.Seeking legal advice for these matters or approaching customer court is still beyond reach for many of the indians. neither me nor my friend know about any court which will take up such cases as there is no documents to prove anything. If you know anything please do suggest.

  5. […] Where can you find the Rudrakshas as well as the wonderful zodiac rings and pendants? Right here, at I swear, I am not making this stuff up. Added bonus: you will also […]

  6. Dear Sir,

    My name is AAAA, i born in Mumbai on 29th September 1971 at night 11.30 p.m “Dashera” on that day so, i’ll request you to plz suggest me the Zodiac Ring to suite me.

    So, plz revert back on my mail i.d which i indicate you.


  7. sir pls send me addresses in bangalore,mysore and hubli where i can get th ee power rings.pls give me all details to my id …

  8. Rudraksha is a great remedy for Improving the life..
    It is a life supportive items that provides the Human life with ease, Propsperous and more fruitful…
    Please ckeck
    for more……………………………………

  9. dear sir,
    I am intersted for a suitable zodiac of birth-15th may,1968,durgapur,west-bengal,india
    kindly suggest and write let me know also of place of purchase.

  10. Sir i am struggling hard to get good life . But since from past 5 years i am not finding any good result for my hard work to gain prosperity. Please help me. My birthdate 1-5-1974. Time: 1.20 pm night, tuesday/wednesday.
    Place : hindupur(andhra pradesh).. 9845083886.

  11. My date of birth is 1970-August 31 at 7.00am
    Which gem will suit me? Can anyone suggest

  12. my d.o.b is 19th dec 1976,i am facing a lot of problems in my personal and professional short i have given up,somehoe things just dont work for me as conditions are not very favourable.please dont think i am expecting some sort of miracle without hard efforts…thanx

    • Hi Sonali I am from Bangalore and see that u had some problems. I would like to know if your problems have been solved after wearing ring. If so from where did you purchase the ring and which company. Pls guide me I am also running into problems in my personal life. Pls reply for my comment.

  13. Dear Sir,

    My name is narsing, i born in Mumbai on 31 jan 1987 at morning 09.10 a.m i’ll request you to plz suggest me the Zodiac Ring to suite me.

    So, plz revert back on my mail i.d which i indicate you.


  14. This is a classic case of commenting without reading the post.

    Do these morons who comment here even read what you have written.

  15. ha ha ha.. Nandan start selling rudrakshas..!!! Poor guys. They dont want to read the post, bu they need rudraksha…

  16. hahaha…
    whatever.. nice to see these type of comments.

    Just saying about a ring u become so famouse nandan, think about wearing it.

    Have a power ring life ahead.


  17. Bastards, read the post first!


  18. i have been using this ring from past 9 years and feel its very effective….

  19. hi this is sriram,i i have read the above post and also the reading this i have one question in my mind that is if there is no miracle in the ring or the rudraksha so why so many people wearing them?

  20. sir i was born on 1982 june 8 so plz sucession which is my zodiac sign

  21. Thanks for the feedback about KADAMALOOR Sarma,the famous and renowned astrologer who now comes on Asianet T.V every saturday morning.Seeing the programme,we also thought of consulting him .Luckily we checked on the internet and we came across your comments which was helpful and saved us money and time. Hope people can write about their experiences with all these astrlologers who come on T.V. and charge people hefty sum of money giving solutions which may or may not work. Hope channels can be accountable for the solutions given by these people.

    Internet is the best place for people to check on these services before they spend their time and money seeking solutions to their immediate problems.

    Especially the comment in this blog reminded me of the scene from Jayram’s movie swapna sanchari where jayaram tries to return the amulet given by Jagathy.


    • Dinesh and others,
      This is a six year old blog post. (Well, almost six.)…and I am happy that it is still read by many people. I do not update this blog any more, but I do check it once in a while. I do not know Kadamaloor Sarma, But I think I can say with some confidence that if he is selling rings promising success, in my eyes, he is a fraud.
      There are many other Kadamaloor Sarmas out there, who tend to behave like psychological parasites, feeding on the insecurities of people. Bad things tend to happen to good people, for no fault of theirs, and all we can do is be brave and confident in our abilities. Wearing rings, or reciting hymns can at best, give us courage and moral support. But to expect these things to change things in our favour is expecting too much. Let us put our education to good use. For example, If you try to learn about astronomy, the shallowness of astrology will be quickly visible to all of us.

  22. just landed on this page .. so i would like to share that if someone is looking for to buy zodiac rings online then try out this website

  23. Are u stupid?sic mean what?

  24. no loss new work.pls give the money.

  25. I am using it last 4 months. But no improvement have been noticed by me. i don’t know how long I have to wait.

  26. use blue sapphire…if it suits make you rags to rich in every aspects….such gems has only power to change fate….dont waste money in cheap rings..everything is buisnesss

  27. It’s just an nice jewellery like u buy gold or any other ring ..

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