The Old blog’s dead….

They Killed it…my old blog no longer exists.

Ah, well…so what?  It’s just three years of writing gone.


The name, the name

The word India, it turns out, came from the wrong pronunciation of the word Hindu, the old Persian word for Sindhu. It was later further wrongly pronounced as Indos by the Greeks, who had similar speech problems and then the Romans started calling the whole region India to save the bother.

The Sanskrit word “sindhu” means ‘sea’.(Please read the link given earlier completely for clarification) Apparently, some bright ancestors of ours (who, to be fair to them, had probably never seen the sea), mistook the big and broad Indus river for the sea.

So, the name of our country is a triple mispronunciation of a wrongly identified water body.

Somehow, in a weird sort of way, it explains a lot.

Batata Vada

Eating a Batata Vada: Fun

Eating a Batata Vada using Fork and knife: Funny.

Eating a Batata Vada using fork and knife while hrutling through the sky at a height of 30,000 feet and a speed of 650 odd km/hr, seated in a cramped seat: Priceless.